The 1st Japanese authentic knife for your kitchen.

熟練の包丁職人によってオールハンドメイドで作られた、 厳選された最高品質の「最初の一本」。

The 1st Japanese authentic knife for your kitchen.

熟練の包丁職人によってオールハンドメイドで作られた、 厳選された最高品質の「最初の一本」。



There is no kitchen knife available at home.

I want to use a high-quality and authentic kitchen knife

I don't know which to buy, and I don't know how to use it.

For such troubles, the forest material with a history of 148 carefully selected the steel and the material of the blade

Finished by the hands of craftsmen in Japan

I made "first book" of high quality and sharp sharpness that is easy to use even at home.


Characteristics of hayashi metal knives

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Japanese kitchen knives
Crystal of tradition and craftsmanship.

The kitchen knife of Hayashi kinmono is made carefully by hand of skilled craftsmen in various places in Osaka Prefecture / Sakai, Fukui Prefecture / Takeo, Hyogo Prefecture / Miki, Kochi Prefecture / Tosa.
I think that we can feel the tradition of the knife manufacture which has been cultivated over a long period of time and the high skill of the craftsman which has been inherited in the history from our knife in each kitchen production area.

Familiar with your hand
By the craftsman who boasts of Japan
Handmade all.

All the handmade handmade made by traditional craftsmanship and natural materials by master craftsmen who are proud of Japan.
You can use the natural wood which can enjoy the change of the leather like goods in the part of the handle, and the blade is also attached to the hand like the part of one's body, and it becomes a knife for you only by sharpening the edge to the taste of you.
You can use it for more than 10 years.


High quality knife
Easy to use even at home.

For all kinds of people regardless of sex or age, all the goods, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, were able to be easily cut in the Santoku kitchen knife which is easy to cut.
The blade is made of Japanese steel, which is the most distinctive feature of Japanese knives, and it is made to be a double-sided finish, and it is made to be a blade knife which is easy to use, and it is easy to use the blade edge to make the blade spill comparatively, and it is easy to use.

With a history and a sure eye in
Highest quality sharpness and relief
We offer you.

Hayashi kanemono, a long established store established in 1873, provides a reliable quality of carefully selected from the kitchen industry in Japan.
In addition, you can use this product for a long period of time, so you can use it for a long period of time, such as cutting edge, distortion, and so on.

After support


Commodity list


生 紬 Shiruku

The fine, polished blade presents delicate expressions just like silk threads that leave a gentle impression. The blade is light and resistant to rust, offering excellent usability for women as well.

波 舞 Namimai

The symbolic patterns of Damascus steel brings an elegant, up-scale look. The blade is forged over multiple layers, making it distortion-free even after many years of usage.

玄 粋 Kuroiki

The black finish, which was intentionally left on the blade surface during quenching, gives a calm yet robust appearance to this knife. The steel used for the blade features an excellent edge and ease of sharpening.

玄 槌 Kurotsuchi

Hidden in the simple, strong look is a hint of nostalgia - these distinct qualities are brought together by the "Kurouchi Tsuchime" finishing method. The surface of this sharp blade has dents, which prevents ingredients from sticking to the knife.

Our blades

Cutting edge

@ ourblades 01
@ ourblades

Having a Japanese sword
A cutting knife like a Japanese sword.

It is said that in 1876, a law prohibiting holding a sword in Japan was established, and the knife craftsman who had made a Japanese sword had begun to make a knife instead of a Japanese sword, and it was said that the knife had spread in the world.
Therefore, the blade of the former Japanese kitchen knife (the sum knife) is made in the method that utilized the know-how that made the Japanese sword.
Therefore, the European style knife (Western style knife) which came into Japan uses the push force, and the original Japanese knife (WA jikicho) is made by the delicate and sharp cutting edge of the blade, and the force is not used very much, and it is cut by pulling the blade.

@ ourblades
@ ourblades

Sharp sharpness
Cooking is more delicious and more fun.

Because of its sharp sharpness, you can cut the ingredients into unbelievably smooth and beautiful sections without using force.
Therefore, the taste of the food can be relieved, since the cell of the food can be kept without breaking the taste and nutrients without breaking more than necessary.
And, it is likely that the sashimi cut with the Japanese knife which is cut well, the smoothness of the vegetable mouth, the taste without the miscellaneous taste, and the appearance with the beautiful cut mouth more and more will be more interested in your cooking.

A case of ourblades

Case 1

When you cut vegetables, the fiber is not crushed, so you can keep the freshness of vegetables without escaping moisture.

A case of ourblades

Case 2

Since the fiber is not crushed when cutting onions, the eyes will not hurt.

A case of ourblades

Case 3

If you cut the meat, the juice will not run away, so you will retain the freshness of the meat.

A case of ourblades

Case 4

Because it cuts well with soft ingredients and hard ingredients, the cutting time can be shortened to cook more efficiently.

About us

A study of Hayashi kinmono

In Shikoku and Tokushima
He passed over to his seventh generation
Skill and aesthetic eye handling tools.

Hayashi kanemoto founded in Tokushima in 1865 and continued to wear a knife for many hundred years, and various kinds of knives were delivered to Japan and other parts of the world.
We are confident about the skill and the cutting tools that have been handed down in the past seven years from the foundation to the 7th generation, and we provide you with a high quality knife which is carefully selected from the kitchen knife made in the kitchen specialty shop in Japan.
Because technology has developed, and the manufacturing of the person by the hand of the person is decreasing recently, it is delivered to the hand work, and only the product which can be said that "it is really high quality" that is stuck to the hand work is delivered.

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The certificate issued to the certificate is
Proof of certain quality.

The whole product produced by the 7th storekeeper of the Hayashi kinden is confirmed to every corner, and only the one that cleared its original quality standard is sold as a commodity.
Goods that have cleared the quality standard are included in the product package as a proof of the quality assurance, and the warranty package that has been stamped one after another for the first time in the first year of the Meiji era was issued.

For long use
Flexible after support.

It can be used for years with a sharp cutting edge for daily care. The knife can be used as a part of the body, and it can be raised to the only one kitchen knife for the customer.

As for the support of the daily use of the knife, it supports the support of the customer's daily care, and flexible support for the trouble and trouble according to the usage of the knife, and the maintenance service by the professional.

Blade sharpening First free
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